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° "28 Miles From The Coast" Vis-Issa

Nature untouched, gorgeous beaches, a place where you can find your inner peace and enjoy in delicious food, tasty wine, amazing ambient…if you've imagined your free time in this way, Vis is the island you absolutly must visit! :)

No matter if you're yearning for a relaxing or active vacation, Vis is an island that offers you everything. Trekking through paths with views of beautiful, robinson bays with small charming beaches concealed with big cliffs and thick pine trees from the eyes of the crowd. Romantic walks through old narrow streets of Komiža or Vis underneath the clearly sky filled with thousands or million of brightly shining stars. I can bet you've never seen so much of them covering the sky! Riding a bike or renting a scooter, just imagine driving through fields covered with vineyards dating from the ancient Greek times.

Just stop in your tracks and taste the wine and traditional dalmatian food!! Feel every ounce of your being! Don't let neither one moment or breath slip away! Try to absorb as much as you can from the scent of the sea to the pine trees to wind in your hair and the sun rays on your skin! Dive into the handmade cuisines of anchovys, octopus, or fish all bathed in homemade olive oil. Simply … Just Enjoy!!


You'l take a ferry from the Split harbour on a two and a half hour ride to the island that was once an isolated millitary base for more than 50 years. The ferry ticket for one person, one way is 54HRK/7,20EUR and the price of having your car transported one way is 420HRK/56EUR. One of the best options for manuvering around the island, is renting a scooter. Price is 200-250HRK/ 25-35EUR per day.


Vis and Komiža are the two larger places on the island. On AirBnb, you can find modern or rustical apartments, villas or houses furnished and decorated in traditional dalmatian way with stone walls, green windows, and wooden furniture. I'm usually situated in Komiža. I love Komiža – it's smaller, charming and adorable. After you explore her hidden corners, narrow streets, old stone houses, taste the food , drink coffee at lively, spirited, and crowded main square, Komiža will reveal itself in all of its beauty!

On the 6th of June, Komiža cherish a hunderd year old custom of burning a ship in honour for the protection of all saling ships. That small town found its place underneath of hill Hum (587). From Hum's viewpoint you can also see the islands of komiš archipelago (Biševo, Brusnik, Jabuka, Sv.Andrija).

Personally, I go there before the sunset and enjoy in the vibrant colours before me in the beautiful crystal sky. I end my day by sipping an autohton Vis wine , Vugava. Researching the history of Vis, I was thrilled with the fact that the culture of planting and making wine on this area started as early as 300. B.C.

Gastronomy offer

I've eaten at expensive restaurants as Barba, Bako i Jastožera in Komiža and Pojoda in Vis, but at the end what makes the biggest impact on anyone are the small family ranches, where people with such devotion and commitment try to give that special, typical dalmatian hospitality by making food with so much love! My recomendation goes to, without a doubt, to the little farm Belotovo in Marine zemlje. There you'll find a few tables in a house garden, quite and peaceful atmosfere, excellent food and unforgettable energy with a wide smile from the owner Teta Ines.

Grilled squids and vegetables with olive oil, garlic and parsley.

Highly recommended dish: Octopus made in a special dalmatian way 'ispod peke'

Desserts! Uhh, we can not forget about the sweets!!
Paradižot, dalmatian speciality made from 6 eggs, milk and Pettit Beurre cookies, served optimally cold on high summer temperatures will be striking memory of your island experience. Also, while in Komiža, you shouldn't miss bakery Cukar. Cakes are home made with domestic ingredients like oranges, lemons, almonds, carols and figs. For years now I'm not able to resist to the chocolate cake with almonds and orange liqueur. Believe me, neither will you!! ☺

Beaches of Vis

Stiniva, Stončica, Srebrena, Tepluš, Zaglav, Milna – all more or less accessible stuning beaches of Vis 2016., Stiniva was the Year's Choice for the best summer destination for glorious European beaches. Coming with a boat or a yacht is a option, but I suggest the 30 minute down walk in adequate footwear. It's a steep path, but when you finally get to the viewpoint with your eyes looking at the stunning little gravel beaches hidden with high cliffs and pine trees from the sea and the people, all of your effort will be justified. The unique Stiniva is probably result of a collapsed cave ceiling and for me, it's a majestic creation of nature that leaves me, every single time, absolutely speechless.

Milna is a sandy beach with possibillity of sea adventure activity. Rent a SUP and paddle to a small island, Budihovac, to see The Green Cave or decide to struggle with the wind and hire a trainer to teach you how to windsurf.

15 minuts of walking from Milna, you'll get to sandy beach Zaglav. Sit in a restaurant on the beach, enjoy the view, be at peace,….and taste the famous „Komiška pogača“ with tomatoes, anchovies, onions and capers.

Pebble beach, Tepluš, in the fishing willage of Rukatac, near Srebrena.


You MUST take a tour to Blue Cave on island Biševo from Komiža. Because of the geomorphology structure, the area is full of caves, and after famous Blue Grotto on Capri , one of Mediterranean's most beautiful caves is the Blue Cave on Biševo.

In the morning from 11 till 12 o'clock, the suns rays have the strongest reflection at the bottom of the cave through the undersea heach leaving an intensive blue color that illuminates the cave. It looks like something from a fairytale.

Since 1884. There is a small entrance for touristic boats, but you can enter only during days of calm waters at sea. So, you must have that in mind if the stunning Blue Cave is on your TO DO LIST!!

Interested in history?

As a military facility of the Yugoslav army, Vis was till 1992. spared from touristic building and summer commercialization. After a famous attack on Drvar, 7th of June in 1944.,the supreme commander of the Yugoslav Committee and Army,Tito, found shelter on Vis and from the cave on the hill, Hum, gave orders to the nation. So if you are interested, pay a tour that takes you to the military fortress where you'll witness secret tunnels that were used in the time of isolation during and after the Second World War.

At the end view Vis!!!

Probably the oldest village or settlment on Croatian ground. Colonists from Sicily/Syracusa in 4th century BC habitated this safe haven for ships.

Get to know the old soul of Vis by riding a bike on the streets that are filled with vast history and storys that you can relay to the world, one generation to the next...

Don't forget to create you own story!! Let it be a GOOD and MEMORABLE one ☺

The End!

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