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° 3 days in Split <3

What would you do if you came in more than 1700 years old city preserved in its ancient edition?

What experience would you want to take back home?

I assume and believe that everybody wants to experience interesting tours, memorable activities and the local way of living, to eat traditional food and feel how the time goes by for the citizens of Split :D

If you have just a little time to enjoy Split and its surroundings in an active way I will suggest few things you shouldn’t miss.

You have three days?

What to do? To see as much and still to be active?

Start your first day early, with a great coffee2go in D16 coffee shop, than pass through Pazar, through smells, colors and sounds of the local people chatting and selling domestic vegetables, cheese, meat, flowers and all kinds of traditional meals. For me this is always a perfect beginning of the day. Than absolutely book a walking tour through ancient walls of Diocletian's palace with Maya from Split with Maya :)

I could tell you stories about ancient Rome and Diocletian, about his palace that stands almost perfectly untouched more than 1700 years.

I could talk days about history through century, about Diocletian, about Riva, Peristil, Pjaca and how the town grew during the years.....But I won’t. I will challenge you to come and to hear and learn all of this while walking through streets of this beautiful town and enjoying its unique spirit.

The beauty is not only in history and ancient pebbles, it is in hospitality of domestic people, in taste and smells of domestic food and in the atmosphere of the town. This atmosphere involves taking life as it is, living simply and peaceful without stress.

Great way to feel this atmosphere after a busy day is to grab a beer in a small local beverage store and take a few steps to Matejuška – Split’s spot for chilling, relaxing, drinking and chatting with friends while enjoying the most amazing view in front of you.

Than spend the rest of the evening walking down the Promenade enjoying the air of summer nights. Visit the cultural meeting point of local’s – Geto, have a drink or few and continue the night in local bars Fabrique, Jazzbina, Antique and Central Club.

But try not to stay up too late!!


Cause you have a great, amazing and completely filled schedule for tomorrow.

Your destination is located 25 km from Split beneath Dinara Mountain and on the mouth of gorgeous Cetina river. It’s the area famous for pirates who dominated this area in 13th and 14th century. They were attacking trade ships with their famous narrow boats called Sagittae (The Arrow) and after having their prey they would rapidly and almost magically disappear through the mouth and canyon of Cetina river.

If you’re the type that likes panoramas and amazing views, than your have two options to spend a memorable day in Omis. Hiking to Mirabella and Starigrad fortress on slopes of Dinara mountain is one of them. It a short 40min climb, worth every minute of it because at the top you will be able to see a great part of the Dalmatian coast and its islands ( Brac, Hvar, Vis, Solta), even peninsula of Pelješac, mouth of Cetina river and the town that lies on it Omiš <3

Second option is a zipline that goes above the Cetina canyon

You will probably be exhausted after all of these activities so find a nice place to have a dinner and try traditional domestic dishes and meals. Don’t miss to try soparnik – simple dish made from common ingredients; chards, onions and parsley between two layers of dough. In 2016, the European Commission listed soparnik as a non-material national heritage of Croatia certified with the specific geographical origin. Dobar tek!!!! – Bon apetite!! on Croatian :D

View on mouth of Cetina river fom the roof top bar Eol

I suggest that Krka National Park and the town of Šibenik prettify your last day. Krka National Park lies in Šibenik - Knin county, only an hour away from Split. It is famous for its unprecedented and inimitable beauty, it’s waterfalls, long river flow, canyon and islet Visovac. Visoavac is natural oases and famous habitation of grey friars from 15th century. The most famous waterfalls are Skradinski Buk and Roški slap with a few smaller ones. I would suggest small town of Skradin as the entrance point to the park. From there you can take the boat to Skradinski buk waterfall. My suggestion is that you pre-order Skradinski risotto in one of the local restaurants before taking the boat. On your way back this delicious meal will be waiting for you in the restaurant.

Let you palate taste rhapsody of flavors from this famous beef risotto cooked for 12 hours.

After this peaceful relaxation, go for a walk through first costal town that Croats established, our Šibenik. The things you must see are ST. James Cathedral which is UNESCO World Heritage and the view from St. Michael’s Fortress. For hungry souls there is Michelin star restaurant Pelegrini.

Look at the Split’s lights and while enjoying the view pick your next destination, descide which of our amazing islands will be your place for making new memories ߘ㊼

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