PUBLISHED 02.11.2018. | 21:40h | Maja Dujmović
° Through the charming streets of Trogir

Few days in the area of Split were enough to satisfy our need for the city vibe, clubs and nightlife and for our hearts and bodies to start longing for peace and relaxation. We decided to head 25 km west, towards the town of Trogir, Split’s older, but significantly smaller, brother, and to spend few laid back days there.

Situated on a small islet, not much bigger than the Palace of Diocletian, the old town of Trogir, completely made out of stone, fascinated us at the first sight already.

The small, maze like streets are surrounded with some of the best examples of medieval and renaissance architecture in Croatia. Beautiful old buildings are lying on even older foundations - as this town was established by Greeks in 3rd century BC.

Beauty of Trogir has to be perceived as a whole, but take a look at the details if you want to experience true amazement.

Sculptors did the best job in Trogir. Medieval people, religious, frightened by the power of the God and eager to pay for the salvation of their souls, were hiring them to build all kinds of sacred objects.

The results are beautiful small churches, bell towers that appear as a pure art and the Cathedral church of Saint Lawrence which is listed as UNESCO world heritage.

Keep your eyes wide open while strolling the streets of Trogir - let all the beauty be seen, but also - try to look for Kairos, the greek god of happiness.

The legend says that Kairos is running through the old and narrow streets of Trogir for centuries already, reminding people that happiness is sometimes harder to be recognised then captured.

If you like art, history, legends and stories of the everyday life in the past times, take one of the numerous walking tours offered in Trogir, it will make your stay in this town even more memorable.

One of the great things about the old town of Trogir is that it is easy to navigate. We started our walk from the northern entrance to the town (Trogir was once completely surrounded by the city walls, and the remains can still be seen) and just walked straight towards the south exit. On the way we passed next to almost all of the significant buildings - The Cathedral church, The big and small Palace of Cipiko, the Town lodge and the Town hall, and ended up on one of the most beautiful Croatian promenades.

Choose among several bars stretched along the Promenade and enjoy your coffee, sea and the sun.

The Venetian castle of Kamerlengo is marking the edge of the Promenade. Check if some concerts or theatre shows are going on there during your stay.

Trogir is also a gastronomical experience: lots of restaurants scattered around the little streets, and hidden between houses are offering something for every taste. Still, our favourite meal during the stay there was the ice cream. Perfect for hot summer days and available at every corner - even after few days we couldn’t decide which is our favourite.

For stronger refreshment we booked a trip with the boat and visited the most beautiful beaches of the area, where the sea is clearer and the sky is bluer. We visited the famous Blue lagoon, and picked the tour that took us to the two other islands as well. We loved swimming in the Blue lagoon but enjoyed the privacy and peace that we experienced in the more secluded bays of the islands of Šolta and Čiovo.

As we are curious souls, our stay in Trogir wouldn’t be complete if we haven’t tried to learn something new - so we took the diving lessons and explored the Adriatic below the surface, and it was worth it!

After two days there, we had enough of swimming and relaxing (but never enough of the great ice creams), so we decided to take off towards the new adventures and free the small charming streets of Trogir for the next visitors.

Maja Dujmović

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